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Masters of OEM and Custom Glass Fabrication!

🕰️ 30 years in the glass fabrication industry has given us a front-row seat to incredible advancements and changes. We've adapted from hand-crafted methods to high-tech processes while staying true to our roots. Today we’re excited to announce that we're expanding our bent and tempered glass capabilities! 🎉

This new bent and tempered enhancement means we'll be able to manufacture curved tempered glass up to a sizeable 1600 x 2200 mm, broadening the scope of our existing curved & tempered product offering 📐🌐

Our brand-new tempering plant is set to be commissioned in Q1/2024. Mark your calendars; exciting things are on the horizon at NT Glass! 🗓️

From fulfilling a single-piece requirement to executing a large volume order or managing a complex fabrication, we're here to meet your glass needs. 💪

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