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The Heart of Tempered Glass!

🔎 Ever peeked into the heart of a tempered glass shard and noticed an intriguing white line? It's an interesting detail, hidden in plain sight. Much like tree rings, this phenomenon reveals the stress profile established during the glass tempering process. 🌳 ❄

When we examine a fragment of tempered glass, we can identify distinct layers formed during the tempering process:

1️⃣ Compression layer

2️⃣ Tension layer

1️⃣ Compression layer

The compression layer on the glass surface represents approximately 1/6th of the tempered glass thickness, and the tensile stress layer takes up about 2/3rds. Breaking through the compression layer and putting a flaw into the tension layer causes the tempered glass to shatter into fragments because the tension layer forces a shockwave through the glass. Upon a closer look, neutral bands can be spotted between these two layers. 🔬

Here at NT Glass, we manufacture tempered glass to meet the varied demands of various industries. Our tempered glass production - both flat and curved glass- significantly supports Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass for diverse vehicle applications like agricultural vehicle glazing, industrial machinery, off-road, and automotive, along with interior and exterior glazing for commercial and residential building applications. 🏭🚗🏠

From fulfilling a single-piece requirement to executing a large volume order or managing a complex fabrication, we're here to meet your tempered glass needs. 💪

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